The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent >> New Generation

Intro : Am                            G                             F                                    C

Verse 1

Am                                              G

We are the noddle generation

F                                                             C

Our foods are made of preservation

Am                                                         G

We don’t need your  education

F                                                             C

Things not set in proportion

Look around in our perspective

Don’t  acting too naïve

You know it’s all tentative

You know dog food’s  are expensive


Am                                        G

We are the starving brain


We’re the naked in the rain

This is no heaven sends

The new generation ends

Verse 2

We are the hooker generation

We don’t  need your education

I only count my intuition

Things  all going malfunction


Satu Tanggapan

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